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Warm floors since 1989.

You cannot see care-free water underfloor heating, but you can feel it

Water floor heating brings comfort to living. Nereus floor heating keeps the rooms at an even temperature without draught. Windows can reach from floor to ceiling and there are no hot radiators in the way of living and interior decoration. Nereus is supported by positive long-term experiences. It is safe to buy and healthy to use. Nereus gives the interior designer and construction designer a free hand to implement their architectural solutions.

The heating requirements of the various spaces are taken into account already during the design phase in order to create an economical system that meets the wishes of the customer. Before the system is taken into use, the basic settings are determined and the customer is advised on how to use the system. Nereus does not require specific maintenance during use.

All forms of energy can be used as the source of heat in the economical Nereus system: oil, gas, solid fuels, district and ground heat as well as electricity and solar energy. Nereus saves energy because thanks to the even distribution of heat, the indoor temperature can be set 1 to 2 degrees lower without compromising comfort. This decreases the cost of heating by 5–15%.

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